Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does anyone have this problem? The operation is correct, but vacuum sealing sometimes doesn't work well. What happened?                                             
The distance between your food and the top of the bag will also affect the effect of vacuum sealing. Do not overfill the bag. Always leave at least 7.6 cm/3 inches between bag contents and the top of the bag.

2.Are vacuum bags reusable?                                                                     
Yes, but we don't recommend reusing the bags as it may influence the taste.

3.This item can vacuum soup based food?                                                           
A really handy way to vacuum seal soupy stuff is to put it in a low wide container not bigger than sealer bags. Freeze, pop out, put the frozen chunk of frozen liquid into the vacuum bag,and seal. No mess works like a charm! Cheers

4.Can any bag be vacuum sealed?
Recommend use vacuum sealer bags with texture on both sides, smooth bags can only be sealed without vacuuming.

5.Why are the three LED buttons blinking at the same time?                                
If several lights flashing at the same time after continuous working, overheating protection is activated. Please wait for 5-10 minutes for cooling down and the appliance will be back in normal mode.